Allah has blessed human with many faces and appearances. Some are rich some are poor. At one side of the picture there are such people who have plenty of money they themselves don't know where to spend it but on the other side there are some humans who have not even a single bite of bread.

These classes are further divided into two types.Two classes amongst rich; One who spend their wealth in this materialistic world and to fulfil self needs sometimes it is only a way to show arrogance and to degrade poor.

Second class consists of those lucky people who spend their money according to the sayings of Allah and for the betterment of creatures of Allah.

Similarly there are further two classes amongst poor one class is of those people who show ingratitude, who disclose their weaknesses to others. Who beg, wail and they are so unlucky that they are neither of this world nor of the world after it. Second class are of those people who are always thankful to God. Who show patience in every thick and thin neither beg nor wail.

And to help these people ,to share their pain is surely a source of pleasure.Umme-e-habiba welfare trust is playing a significant role for the support and help of these people. And those people are lucky who are walking along with the trust for the relief and support of these poor. Under this trust food is distributed among poor underprivileged and widows that includes all necessities of life like floor,oil,sugar,rice,pulses.In addition to this orphans are also sponsored. Patients are provided with free medicines,marriages of deprived girls are made by this trust. In case of accidents trust cooperates with victims.