The light for scholars, the righteous, true heir of antecedents, and asset of the ummah
Maulana Obeed Ullah Qasmi

Maulana Obeed Ullah Qasmi is as the mediator as Alrazi was, as divine lover as Rumi is considered, embodiment of determination and struggle. He is the scholar of the age, reflection of a practising muslim who has great knowledge of the faith and world.

The Universe has not been out of charm and beauty, education and civilization and men of knowledge and wisdom since its first day. The humanity has not shown any lack in producing the great personalities to any department of life whether they are divers, diving in deep sea, or the astronauts, discovering the moon, or the worriers determined for their goals in hot deserts or the leaders who conquered the world. But in spite of all this, there are a few people who lighted the candle of knowledge and wisdom in their era. The people who had simplicity, contentment, sincere fellowship, wisdom and a sense of gratitude towards divine. These men of words are rare but their presence in all ages is established. Maulana is one of those charismatic, exceptional personalities.

He is a man of traits who seeks solitude to contemplate, Finds Company of religious people, having ocean of knowledge, wave of moderation, a school of thought in his persona, an enliven precedent of early Islam’s Muslim, a deep comprehension of Islamic Law and jurisprudence. He has been taught by numerous well-known scholars.


Maulana was born in Amritsar in 1927 in a religious family to Mufti Muhammad Hassan who was also a renowned scholar. He was brought up at Khankah thana bhon and got his early and religious education from there. Under the kind supervision of his father, he learned the Holy Quran by heart. At that time he was pupil of Qari Karim Bakhsh. He got his primary religious education under Maulana Muhammad Yousif. He traveled to Bukhara and Kafia with his dedicated father. After then he went to deoband on the inspiration of Maulana Kher Muhammad Jalandhari for the completion of daura-e-hadees. He got his degree about 18th year of his age.

Higher education and perfection in arts

He asserted himself in front of the admission examiner who was renowned for his inelastic and strict behaviour. This person was Maulana Aizaz Ali. He initially discouraged him because he was too young for obtaining the higher knowledge of hadees but after discussion of about 2 hours he admitted his skills. He was taught Bukhari by Maulana Madni( a great and historic figure). The other teachers were mufti Shafee Muhammad and Maulana Aizaz Ali.

Association with maulana Thanvi:

Maulana Ashraf Ali thanvi was the founder person of deoband and he is acknowledged one of the greatest religious scholars ever produced by the subcontinent. Maulana is direct disciple of Maulana Thanvi. Maulana thanvi praised him in a gathering by necking him three times and distinguished him before other students. The second credit of is bigger than the former. Maulana learned from Pand nama to Bukhari from Maulana Thanvi from its initial to the end.