Code of Conduct

A Muslim is expected to be well disciplined at all times. Enforcement of a discipline policy is to help students acquire the skills and habits that will assist them to become well-adjusted and successful individuals-for themselves, their families and society as a whole. AESS does not participate in any form of Corporal Punishment. Teachers accept the responsibility to teach students social and academic skills. At the same time, students are expected to accept the responsibility to discipline themselves, and parents are expected to assist the school by properly training their children at home. Discipline issues will be brought to the administrator’s attention and they will notify the parent of the situation. At that time, parents, teacher, and administrator will work together in providing the best solution for the child. The school expects parents to take corrective measures with their children for any breach of the discipline that disrupts the class or the school environment. Depending on the situationmay receive suspension. All students at AESSis expected to adhere to the following:

1. Come to school every day and attend classes on time

2. Bring all necessary materials to school and class

3. Dress according to the school dress code

4. Try their hardest and do their best

5. Help themselves and others to learn

6. Manage themselves in school by Following directions

I. Walking in an orderly manner

II. Keeping hands and other objects to one’s self

III. Speaking politely

IV. Treating others with kindness and respect

V. Taking care of the school property, including school equipment safely Prohibited behaviors:

I. Undermining the religious ideals of the school

II. Insubordination

III. Profanity or name calling

IV. Harassment of fighting

V. Bullying, including scape-goating, and backbiting

VI. Dishonesty, cheating or plagiarism

VII. Illegal or immoral conduct

VIII. Any behavior that affects another student (physically or verbally)

IX. Showing any disrespect to any staff member or volunteer

X. Bussing discipline issues Bringing prohibited items to school, such as:

i. Radios, CD players, and other electronics

ii. Skateboards and roller blades

iii. Playing cards (unless teacher approved)

IV. Fireworks

v. Magazines (unless teacher approved)

VI. Dangerous items of any size