Online Quran classes

This department of jamia is for internationally residing people who want their children to learn Quran or want to seek quran with tajweed or for local people who want to learn quran while staying at home. We have compiled a comprehensive course for seeking Quran and basic Islamic education.You can get online education of islam by online Islamic classes.


The purpose of this organization is to provide a platform for those who want to learn Quran .We assure you that our student will not only himself seek Quran but also he will be a source of spreading beacon of Islamic light.

Our services

Our services are for any person residing in any place in this world and has a desire for education of Quran.If he has internet connection available with him he can have access to our department.


Translation of Quran

Basic Islamic education

Hifz Quran

Seeking Arabic language

Four year course for boys and girls to become scholar

Kindly fill the form given below in order to be a part of this organization we will contact you by ourselves.

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