Introduction of Jamia Ashrafia


In Hindustan,in the times of British imperialism in order to continue movement of Hazrat Shah WaliUllah (R.A),to maintain separate identity of muslims,to destroy dangerous intentions of christ preachers deoband school of thoughts played an important role. And ulmah of that school of thoughts after burning midnight oil and after sacrificing a lot of their blood at last muslims of subcontinent got separate homeland. After getting independent status on 1947 Pakistan needed to take some actions to expose religious values of refugees and for the sake of islamic teachings such institutions were needed where people get spiritual knowledge.

Formation of Jamia

Hazrat mufti Hasan founded a religious institute on 8th zeekad 1366 B.C by 14 September 1947 at Neela gunbad Lahore.He named that institute in regard of respectable Hazrat Ashraf Ali thanwi as Jamia Ashrafia. Regular teaching classes has been started here since 24 September 1947. Despite of very limited resources Jamia Ashrafia is continuously progressing by the grace of almighty Allah and because of sincere efforts of pious dignitary Mufti Hassan. With the passage of time its four floor building was fell shortened for a large crowd of knowledge lover’s .Then jamia formed a committee under the supervision of respectable Molana Idrees kandlawi (R.A) to find a wide place for jamia. After a lot of considerations and thoughts muslim town ferozpur road Lahore was selected and in 1953 regular work of construction was started.

Revealed Foundation of Masjid Hassan:

This mosque was based according to the sunnat of Hazrat Muhammad SAWW.As according to map it should had been constructed near ferozpur road but right at the day of its opening ceremony he dreamt Hazrat Muhammad SAWW saying to build mosque at some other place next day it was based as according to the saying of Hazrat Muhammad SAWW. Jamia masjid Hassan is located at the center of jamia seems as beautiful as a diamond of a beautiful ring. Inner hall of mosque is 3227 feet long containing two side halls having galleries for ladies above the corridor of inner hall there is a lawn and there are ten rooms like a monastery at the north and south of lawn in front of which daar-ul-tajweed is located towards eastern door, at other side there is a beautiful pool and bathrooms. On the northern corner there is a tomb.

Offices of Jamia

Offices of jamia are located at the front side of western door of jamia in a striking building.


From the back side of offices building is surrounded by schools lower portion is of hifz department while there are libraries on upper floor.


At the right side of offices daar-ul-uftaa is situated where people are guided for their shiria problems in the light of holy Quran and sunnah right at the front of southern door offices are located in a beautiful building.


2 hostels containing all modern facilities for local and outstation students are built having space for a large number of students.

Free dispencery:

Free dispencery for students inside jamia.