Life of Jamia's founder mufti Hassan sahib :

Name and origin

He was named after the name of grandson of hazrat MUHAMMAD SAWW as Hassan.Name of his father was Allah daad who was pious spiritual and religious scholar of Islam.


He was born in 1927 B.C by 1888 A.D in an unknown village of Malpur of Cambulpur.

Basic Education

As mufti sahib was born in far and backward place where there were extinct sources of education.Therefore he got his basic education from his father. When he grew older he left his home for getting knowledge of suunaah and met molana Qazi noor muhammad in Rawalpindi. For seeking Quran and for getting Persian education he met Qazi moor muhammad godhwi in distrct Attock.

Teaching services

After graduation he started teaching in this jamia. While fulfilling his duties he was made president of jamia after vacancy of ex-president of school .He provided teaching services here for 35 years and thousands of students were gifted with education by him.

Sufism and followism

For the first time he met hazrat Thanwi (R.A) in 1340 B.C by 1943 A.D and requested for beit. Hazrat thanwi put three strict terms and conditions in front of him. First was that his recitation was need to be improved. For correction of Arabic accent he was needed to take classes from an expert.Secondly he is required to take hadees knowledge from masnad scholar. Therefore he took hadees knowledge again from Imam Allama anwar shah kashmiri and got bachelors certificate. He had two wives, Third term was to obtain a written statement from them that he treat them equally. Although he was teaching 17 subjects in different schools and his fatwa was very renowned, He accepted all terms and conditions . Leaving behind all other things he considered his sheikh's order. After acceptance of all the terms Hazret Thanwi made him his follower by letter in 1343 B.C by 1962 AD.

Arrival in Lahore and construction of Jamia Hafza

After getting separate homeland hazrat also came in Pakistan at Anarkali Lahore along with muslim refugees.He then established a school that was named after the name of hazrat Ashraf ali thanwi as Jamia ashrafia. Its building was small for a huge crowd of students, then Allah: the solo creator of universe, blessed with a wide area of muslim town ferozpur road.

Wives and children

He had two wives. One of his wife was the widow of his brother who had children. After his second marriage he had seven sons and three daughters among whom one son and two daughters died in his life

Famous caliphs

Some of his famous caliphs are: Ameer-e-shariah Syed Atta Ullah Shah Bukhari , Hazrat Qari Fateh Muhammad Sahib Pani pati, Hazrat Maulana Abdullah Ludhiawnwi, Hazrat Maulana Shamsul Haq Afghani, Hazrat Maulana Ismail Saifi and many more.


He left this world with sun set of Thursday in 1961 AD by 1387 B.C.