Extracurricular Activities

At AESS we believe in the all-round development of our children. To this effect we have various activities that go beyond the regular classes.

We make sure our children participate in:

• Science Fairs to hone the curiosity of our children and make them critical thinkers.

• Quran Competitions and Quiz.

• Eid parties celebrations and fun time for children.

• Fields Trips to Museums and other places of interest.

• Students are encouraged to learn and inculcate proper Islamic etiquettes.

• Language Speaking’ and ‘Listening Skills’ workshops for students, as well as ‘Personal Effectiveness’ and ‘Upbringing Children’ workshops for parents.


We believe that sports and games are the ways of enhancing the children’s mental and physical growth. Sports help them in character building and provides them energy and strength.

• Facilities for indoor sports like Table Tennis, badmintonand others are also available for students.

Parents Teacher Association

The Parents’ participation in their child’s development at school and home are invariablyinterlinked and vital for overall growth and stability of the child at home and school. The parents are therefore encouraged to meet, interact and review their child’s education and developmentwith his/her teachers.

Formal parent meetings with teachers are scheduled several times during the academic year. Parents are welcome at any time to make an appointment with a teacher or the administrator to discuss their child’s progress.

During these conferences, parents may learn about not only their child’s academic progress, but also their work habits, social relationships with other students and faculty, special interests, aptitudes or any health, or emotional concerns. Both the teachers and parents benefit from these discussions as you build a school-home atmosphere that is conducive to your child’s development.