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Welcome to Jamia Ashrafia Lahore

Hazrat mufti Hasan founded a religious institute on 8th zeekad 1366 BC by 14 September 1947 at Neela Gunbad Lahore.He named that institute in regard of Respectable Hazrat Ashraf Ali thanwi as Jamia Ashrafia. Regular teaching classes has been started here since 24 September 1947. Despite of very limited resources Jamia Ashrafia is continuously progressing by the grace of Almighty Allah and because of sincere efforts of pious dignitary Mufti Hassan. With the passage of time its four floor building was fell shortened for a large crowd of knowledge lover’s .Then Jamia formed a committee under the supervision of Respectable Molana Idrees kandlawi (R.A) to find a wide place for Jamia. After a lot of considerations and thoughts Muslim town Ferozpur road Lahore was selected and in 1953 regular work of construction was started.



Founder's life story

Mufti Hassan sahib was named after the name of grandson of Hazrat Muhammad (P.B.U.H) as Hassan. Name of his father was Allah daad who was pious spiritual and religious scholar of Islam. read more

Mohtmim's life story

Maulana Obeed Ullah Qasmi is as the mediator as Alrazi was, as divine lover as Romi is considered. He is the scholar of the age, reflection of a practising Muslim who has great knowledge. read more

Moderator's life story

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Hifz dept. results

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